Mailgun docs are now open-source

We like open-source software a lot, and we've open-sourced some of our code recently like our MIME parsing and email validation libraries.  Today, we're letting you know that we've also open sourced our documentation.


We take a lot of pride in our docs, but we’re human and sometimes make mistakes.  By open sourcing our documentation, we hope that it will be easier for developers to report and fix issues, leading to a better experience for all Mailgun users.  So the next time you see something that could be improved, please submit an issue or a pull request.  And as a small thank you if we merge your pull request, we’ll send you a really nice Mailgun t-shirt (American Apparel 50-50 FTW!).  Just email your github handle, size and postal address to

Happy emailing,

The Mailgunners

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