Using ElasticSearch and Logstash to Serve Billions of Searchable Events for Customers

Needle in the HaystackWe recently launched a new version of our Events API that lets you easily keep track of all your messages, including exactly what happened to them after they were delivered.  In that blog, we mentioned briefly that we built this new API on top of Elasticsearch and that we'd be doing a more detailed post about how we architected it.  Today is the day.

One of the Mailgunners, Ralph Meijer, described our set up on the Elasticsearch blog today. Head over and check out the post for all the details.  There was also an interesting discussion about the post on HackerNews with some additional technical details.

In the post, we cover:

  • Why we chose Elasticsearch
  • How we use Logstash to get logs into Elasticsearch
  • Index design
  • Monitoring
  • Setting up a scalable Elasticsearch cluster

Happy emailing!

The Mailgunners

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