Weekly product update: Say hello to the Domains API

We've been quiet for a couple weeks but we have something extra exciting to share today: we've just officially released our Domains API to make it easier to build large scale email systems on top of Mailgun.

Why would I need a domains API in the first place?

Many of our customers are building applications on top of Mailgun that allow their end customers to send email.  Since you can operate multiple domains in a single Mailgun account, one of the things these customers can do is isolate one customer from another so that they each have their own whitelabel domain, their own sending queue, and their own SPF & DKIM records.  Each customer's sending reputation is also isolated, so if one customer gets the bad idea to buy an email list and send out spam, Mailgun can disable just that domain to protect your reputation, leaving other customers unaffected.

If you don't want to give each customer their own domain, you could create buckets of domains for customers and manage reputation isolation that way. For example, you can have one domain that you use to send out your own transactional email and three buckets for your customers that you want to isolate. For example:

  • My transactional email: "myapp.com"
  • My new customers: "subnet1.myappmail.com"
  • My verified transactional customers: "subnet2.myappmail.com"
  • My verified bulk sending customers: "subnet3.myappmail.com"

Before the Domains API, each of these domains had to be created manually through the Mailgun control panel.  That's ok if you only have four domains like in this example, but what about if you have 4000?  That's a lot of clicking. Enter the Domains API...

Create and manage domains programmatically with the Domains API

With our newest API, you can do the following programmatically:

  • Retrieve list of domains: Returns list of domains under your account in JSON.
  • Retrieve details about a particular domain: Returns details for a single domain, including SMTP credentials and DNS records.
  • Create a new domain
  • Delete a domain

View the full Domains API guide 

Is there a charge for using the Domains API?

No, the Domains API is free to use and each Mailgun account can have up to 1000 domains.  If you need more than 1000 domains, let us know so we can discuss a plan that works for you.

Happy emailing,
The Mailgunners

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